I am extremely alarmed to learn from my doctor that I became very ill because of the vaporizer I bought from It Is Vapor. Specifically, my doctor said that the "juice" that is contained in the vaporizer device that John Corbett sold me is chemically very dangerous, and should not be ingested by a human being. My doctor said that there is no FDA regulation on the "juice" substance that It Is Vapor sells; as of the drafting of this post. For this reason - my doctor HIGHLY recommended that I discontinue any use of the Vaporizer that Is Is Vapor sold me. I am uncertain if there is any regulation for other companies "juice", and I am doing my due diligence and research to find more information. From what I have learned so far, the "juice substance" It Is Vapor is selling is made in a private "little" facility and nobody in this facility is certified or licensed to produce a chemical such as this. This is so scary to learn, and it is unconscionable that there is no entity like the FDA regulating It Is Vapor. It is Vapor is selling an untested and unsafe product.

MY RECOMMENDATION TO THE READERS OF THIS POST THAT PATRONIZE IT IS VAPOR, IS TO NOT INHALE OR INGEST THE JUICE SUBSTANCE IT IS VAPOR IS SELLING UNTIL THERE IS PROOF IT IS SAFE! Please do not learn the hard lesson that I have, and become ill as a result of It Is Vapor's negligence. John Corbett is the owner and President of It Is Vapor and will likely face legal repercussions for his negligence.

Thank you - God Bless

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Manchester, New Hampshire, United States #1172488

What substance in the ejuice did the doctor deduce had made you ill?What type of lab testing did he order to confirm this?

Based on my knowledge of toxicology lab procedures, I suspect there is a lot of assuming and speculation going on here, and that's unfair to make these claims against the juice manufacturer.NO ejuices are FDA regulated at this point, as you seem to assume the majority are tested and vetted.

Concord, California, United States #701931

In what way did you become Ill from vaping their juice?There is only 4 things that go into the juice and only 1 of them is dangerous and that is nicotine.

The other ingredients are food grade propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, also safe, and flavoring. What exactly made you Ill and in what way? Your story doesn't add up. It just sounds like sour grapes.

Hey that sounds like a good flavor to vape I wander if they have it?:grin

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